Business areas

Trier Industries A/S works with four business areas where our years of experience, technical competences, and quality focus make a difference.

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Aerospace and defence

Today, our components are found in aircraft and defence equipment all over the world, and in active space projects. We are certified according to the AS 9100 standard, and we have the technical and administrative competences to deliver components in absolute top quality – and documentation that ensures full traceability throughout the value chain. 

Wind power

For the wind power industry, we supply components and complete units that help improve turbine production and operational reliability and reduce the need for maintenance and repairs. We can contribute to the entire development process from idea to installation, maximising the speed and efficiency of turbine and parts manufacturing while keeping prices under control. 

Process Industry

We manufacture precision-made components in a wide range of materials and designs. And we ensure that your projects make it to the finish line with state-of-the-art efficiency tools such as process simulations and digital twins, automated work processes, and competent consultancy from idea to production. 


We manufacture components able to stand the tough operational requirements in the offshore sector. We work to the highest quality standards and with exacting tolerances so the critical equipment will work reliably and without defects – even in force 10 winds on the open sea in mid-winter. We can deliver component prototypes or handle serial production. 

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