Aerospace and defence

Air traffic and space projects are investment-heavy areas, and even the smallest defective component on board can result in enormous
material losses – and, more importantly, loss of human life.

Similar conditions apply in the defence sector: Stakes are high, and reliable equipment is a critical key to operational and strategic success. As a result, the aerospace and defence industries operate with stringent safety requirements and tough quality standards.

Certified and traceable top quality

Components from Trier Industries A/S are found in aircraft and defence equipment all over the world, and in active space projects. We are certified according to the AS 9100 standard, and we have the technical and administrative competences to deliver components in absolute top quality in many different materials and designs – and documentation that ensures full traceability throughout the value chain.

With Trier Industries A/S, your project gets off the ground. Read more about component manufacturing and end-to-end solutions.

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